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TMJ / TMD Treatment in Los Angeles

Do you often wake up with an ache in your jaw or face? Does your jaw sometimes feel stiff when you try to open and close your mouth? Do you have sensitive or worn-down teeth? Does your jaw make clicking or popping sounds when you chew? If so, it is possible that you have TMJ disorder. This condition is often referred to simply as “TMJ.” Actually, TMJ is the acronym used to describe the temporomandibular joint. If this joint becomes stressed and inflamed, TMJ disorder can develop.

At Downtown Dental, Los Angeles dentist Dr. Mungcal and our well-trained, friendly team are concerned for you and want you to be in the best of health. Therefore, for TMJ relief we offer TMJ treatment.

Patients who are looking for TMJ relief have TMJ problems that usually fall into two categories:

  • One is pain. The reason that TMJ disorder often leads to pronounced discomfort in the mornings is that most people clench their jaw when they sleep. In addition to pain from clenching and grinding, additional problems, such as limited mobility in the jaw, can occur. TMJ disorder can also affect areas surrounding the face, such as the head, neck, and ears. This is because the musculoskeletal structure spans these areas as well as the face. TMJ treatment can address facial pain and problems such as chronic pain in the head, neck, and shoulders and even ringing in the ears.
  • The other category of TMJ problem is related directly to the teeth. Many people visit Downtown Dental complaining of tooth sensitivity when they eat or drink warm or cold foods and beverages. Excessive wear is another effect of TMJ disorder on the teeth. This problem is also associated with clenching and grinding. Sometimes, sensitivity and undue wear are problems that we notice during the routine dental visit, giving us the opportunity to solve them with conservative care.

TMJ relief is available in the Los Angeles office of dentist Dr. Mungcal. Many people who suffer from TMJ disorder can experience a significant decrease in symptoms wearing a comfortable, convenient nightguard appliance custom fitted to their mouth. The nightguard looks somewhat like the appliances worn by athletes. The purpose of nightly wear is to create a buffer against the excessive force of clenching and grinding, reducing stress on the temporomandibular joints.

TMJ treatment appliances through the Los Angeles dental office of Downtown Dental are an alternative to other more invasive treatments such as restorations and orthodontics, which can help realign the jaw and bite to reduce the problems associated with TMJ.

Over the counter TMJ treatment appliances can be found, but they do not achieve the highest degree of protection due to the inability to fit them properly. Every one of us has a bite unique to our oral structure. For a TMJ treatment appliance to be effective for TMJ relief, it must be professionally custom-made to each individual patient.

Los Angeles dentist Dr. Mungcal at Downtown Dental prides himself in offering a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility, as well as a helpful, highly trained team of dentists and hygienists in our office. For TMJ relief with excellent TMJ treatment in the Los Angeles area, call today!

  • Dr. Don Mungcal

    Dr. Don Mungcal

  • Dr. Ivan Chan

    Dr. Ivan Chan

As the cornerstone and founder of Downtown Dental, Dr. Don Mungcal is a proactive and exceptionally talented dentist who is determined to contribute to the health and wellbeing of his community by attending to their dental care needs.

With over 28 years of experience and service, Dr. Mungcal makes it his responsibility to be the best version of himself by being his patients’ go-to point for any and all dental concerns. In addition to being meticulous in his work ethic, he is also an individual who understands development and change. He updates and informs himself constantly through various continuous educational programs that he undertakes. He also invests in the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide world-class dental services.

Dr. Mungcal graduated from UCLA and the University of the Pacific Dental School and is presently a member of several acclaimed medical associations, including the California Dental Society.

Dr. Ivan Chan is enthusiastic about dentistry and his patients' oral health and is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective care. He is a highly skilled dentist who received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, San Diego. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry.

Dr. Chan has extensive training in general dentistry. He focuses on creating lasting smiles while attempting to prevent gum disease and cavities. He looks forward to assisting you with all your needs while assuring you that your trust is always in good hands, regardless of your needs!

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