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Are you frightened to see the dentist? Have you picked up the phone to make a dental appointment and then hung up before you talked to anyone? Have you made dental appointments and then canceled them or just not shown up? Are you always looking for a dentist but never seem to go see a dentist? If so, you are like millions of Americans who suffer from dental anxiety.

Whether you are receiving a root canal, having a dental crown placed, or getting a cavity filled, one of the most requested services from our Downtown Dental patients is sedation. Sedation dentist Dr. Mungcal in Los Angeles is happy to provide this valuable treatment.

Patients who visit sedation dentist Dr. Mungcal of Downtown Dental in Los Angeles can improve their dental treatments with the use of sedation services tailored to their needs:

  • Oral conscious sedation | Oral conscious sedation involves taking prescription medication before your dental visit. Because sedatives can cause you to feel woozy, it is crucial that you arrange transportation to and from our office with a trusted friend or family member. With this form of sedation, you remain alert throughout your treatment. However, you do not feel anxious or fearful. Most people who receive sedation do not remember their dental treatment at all
  • IV sedation | IV sedation involves delivering sedative medication directly into a vein. It is the deepest form of relaxation and may cause you to doze off lightly while we perform restorative or cosmetic treatment on your smile. We are committed to safety as well as comfort. Sedated patients are monitored closely to ensure we achieve each goal

Dental sedation is offered at Downtown Dental in Los Angeles for patients who experience anxiety and fear when visiting their dentist. These fears can keep patients from getting much-needed dental work completed or from having the routine recommended checkups and cleanings that can keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. This can affect the individual’s oral health care when it is not regularly addressed by a professional. Sedation also benefits patients who want to complete several procedures in a single visit.

Sedation dentistry administered by a Sedation Dentist allows you to relax and have a pleasurable experience at the dentist instead of one based on fear and anxiety.

Dental sedation can be used for anything from teeth cleanings to multiple procedures, such as dental veneers, root canals, or extensive cosmetic work. Sedation dentistry can also save you money and time as it can help you avoid having to make multiple visits to the dentist. You can have everything completed in one visit–on one bill.

Downtown Dental in Los Angeles is one of the best dental offices in the area, having been nominated as “Best Dentist in Downtown” by Downtown News. Sedation dentist Dr. Mungcal’s practice specializes in providing patients with a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere and an environment to encourage the care of gums and teeth. The state-of-the-art facility has an extremely friendly and helpful team on hand. With well-explained treatment plans and various financial options, taking care of your oral health has never been more reasonable and more attainable than it is at Downtown Dental.

Call sedation dentist Dr. Mungcal today to schedule a consultation appointment and a prompt new patient examination.

  • Dr. Don Mungcal

    Dr. Don Mungcal

As the cornerstone and founder of Downtown Dental, Dr. Don Mungcal is a proactive and exceptionally talented dentist who is determined to contribute to the health and wellbeing of his community by attending to their dental care needs.

With over 28 years of experience and service, Dr. Mungcal makes it his responsibility to be the best version of himself by being his patients’ go-to point for any and all dental concerns. In addition to being meticulous in his work ethic, he is also an individual who understands development and change. He updates and informs himself constantly through various continuous educational programs that he undertakes. He also invests in the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide world-class dental services.

Dr. Mungcal graduated from UCLA and the University of the Pacific Dental School and is presently a member of several acclaimed medical associations, including the California Dental Society.

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Oral Cancer Screening Video

Oral Cancer Screening Video
Every patient at Downtown Dental undergoes a thorough check for oral cancer and other dental health issues. This video shows how it’s done.
Here at downtown Dental, we take oral health and cancer screenings very serious. This month is November and it’s the month of oral health cancer awareness and screenings. Every patient we examined thoroughly, we look and we check their lips, tongue and we check for any abnormalities or bumps. At home you should also check to make sure that everything looks okayLeava is going to demonstrate what in oral health cancer screening is and what we examine. So, we first start off by checking all the lips. We make sure that the lips look healthy and that we palpate them, which is touching them and making sure that there’s nothing anormal. Then we go into the mucosa and check the cheeks. We’re going to look and check the hard palate as well as the soft palate. This might tickle a little. We checked the posterior of the tongue. Do you, Viola, go ahead and say, aaaaaa. We check the lateral sides of the tongue. Go ahead and sit your tongue showed up great. And we also check the floor of the mouth. Get the tongue to the roof of your mouth. Good all clear. Oral cancer is especially important to check the patients who are smokers, alcohol drinkers and we thank you for watching the video.

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