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Toothache pain is some of the worst pain a person can experience. Non-stop, throbbing, shooting pain is a sign that something is wrong with your oral health, but you can’t diagnose yourself or hope that if you wait long enough, the problem will just disappear. At Downtown Dental in Los Angeles, Dr. Don Mungcal and his team are ready to provide toothache pain relief at a moment’s notice, so you don’t need to suffer any longer than necessary.

Possible Causes of Tooth Pain

The first thing your Los Angeles dentist will do during your emergency dental appointment for toothache pain relief is determine the exact cause of your tooth pain. This may require just a regular dental exam, or it may call for X-rays. Most of the problems that cause toothaches are unseen and can include:

  • Decay: Tooth decay is the first obvious culprit. It’s a cavity that has gotten too big and gone too far into the layers of the tooth, finally touching the pulp
  • Infection: If a cavity has grown even larger and reaches further into the center of the tooth, the pulp becomes infected by the decay
  • Gum disease: Though slow-growing, once gum disease has gone beyond the early stage of gingivitis and begun to spread through the mouth, it can cause pain that feels like a toothache
  • Gum recession: Funnily enough, you may feel like that sharp pain you feel is a cavity when it could actually be gum recession which reveals more of the tooth and creates sensitivity
  • Impacted wisdom tooth: A third molar that is impacted under the gumline or partially erupted and impacted above the gumline can cause pain as well as damage to nearby teeth

Toothache Pain Relief Treatments

Your dentist can provide toothache pain relief quickly, but it’s up to you to reach out to your dentist to allow him the opportunity to make it stop. You can save yourself from more complex oral health issues and additional pain if you reach out for an emergency dental appointment now.

Some of the possible toothache pain relief treatments include:

  • Root canal therapy: No one loves it, but this treatment works flawlessly for an infected tooth, cleaning the infected root canals, filling them, and capping the tooth with a crown for protection
  • Tooth-colored filling: A tooth-colored filling is a powerful, strong, simple repair that corrects a decayed or damaged tooth, relieving pain and leaving it looking better than ever with no sign of a restoration having been done
  • Porcelain crown: If a cavity is too big for a filling, a porcelain crown can be created to cover the entire tooth so it blends in with its neighbors and is a more robust tooth. At Downtown Dental, we offer crowns in a day, so you can often get your repair the same day you come in with tooth pain
  • Tooth extraction: Tooth extractions are the worst-case scenario for toothache pain relief. If no other dental restorations can fix the problem, an extraction will be necessary. If tooth pain comes from a wisdom tooth, extraction is essential and routine, and the tooth does not have to be replaced

Cost Factors of Toothache Pain Relief

If you have tooth pain but are dragging your feet about seeing your dentist because of cost factors, we implore you to see your dentist anyway. There is always an accessible route to the dental care you need, but the longer you wait, the more complex the problem could become, and the more procedures you may need to correct what’s going on.

The typical cost factors for toothache pain relief at Downtown Dental include:

  • Cause of the toothache pain
  • Treatment(s) needed
  • Whether you need an emergency dental appointment
  • Materials used
  • Location of the dental office

Get Immediate Toothache Pain Relief 

Get help for your tooth pain right away. Contact Downtown Dental in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule an emergency dental appointment with Dr. Mungcal.

  • Dr. Don Mungcal

    Dr. Don Mungcal

  • Dr. Ivan Chan

    Dr. Ivan Chan

As the cornerstone and founder of Downtown Dental, Dr. Don Mungcal is a proactive and exceptionally talented dentist who is determined to contribute to the health and wellbeing of his community by attending to their dental care needs.

With over 28 years of experience and service, Dr. Mungcal makes it his responsibility to be the best version of himself by being his patients’ go-to point for any and all dental concerns. In addition to being meticulous in his work ethic, he is also an individual who understands development and change. He updates and informs himself constantly through various continuous educational programs that he undertakes. He also invests in the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide world-class dental services.

Dr. Mungcal graduated from UCLA and the University of the Pacific Dental School and is presently a member of several acclaimed medical associations, including the California Dental Society.

Dr. Ivan Chan is enthusiastic about dentistry and his patients' oral health and is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective care. He is a highly skilled dentist who received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, San Diego. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry.

Dr. Chan has extensive training in general dentistry. He focuses on creating lasting smiles while attempting to prevent gum disease and cavities. He looks forward to assisting you with all your needs while assuring you that your trust is always in good hands, regardless of your needs!

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