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Apr 27

The future of dentistry is here now in our Los Angeles office in the form of laser-assisted treatment! The team (especially our hygienists and associate doctors) at Downtown Dental encourages patients to learn about how dentists can use laser-assisted dental treatments in improving oral health and wellness. How do laser-assisted dental treatments work? Dr. Mungcal […]

Dec 05

Tooth loss can be devastating. It affects the appearance of your smile by leaving a gap in your mouth. Functional problems with eating or speaking can occur as can bone loss. Dental implants are an option to replace missing teeth restore the look and function of the smile. Los Angeles dentist Dr. Don Mungcal of […]

Oct 30

Most adults don’t think about dental emergencies until the moment they, or a family member, have one. From searing pain to a broken tooth, when something happens, it is important to seek professional dental care immediately. Dr. Don Mungcal of Downtown Dental in Los Angeles, CA, knows that when an emergency happens, patients want it […]

Aug 02

Your smile is a charming expression of what makes you uniquely YOU. Even a single missing or flawed tooth detracts from the impression it makes on others. Crowns are a versatile way to solve many dental issues. Dr. Don Mungcal explains some of the ways he uses crowns for the benefit of his Los Angeles area patients. […]

May 17

Are you looking for quality dental care in Los Angeles? Dr. Don Mungcal encourages you to consider these crucial factors that make personalized attention from an experienced team available to you at Downtown Dental. Demographics Los Angeles is a great place to live. You have your pick of high-rise condos, urban bungalows, and idyllic beachside neighborhoods, all in a […]