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Dr. Don Mungcal at Downtown Dental in Los Angeles,
Patients in the Los Angeles, CA area who are faced with conditions such as TMJ disorder (TMD) are often on the lookout for effective diagnosis and treatment for their concerns. TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint that can become problematic for many patients due to dysfunction. This joint hinges the jaw to the skull. When it begins to malfunction, it can cause pain, discomfort, and multiple problems that affect an individual. Dr. Don Mungcal at Downtown Dental in Los Angeles, CA works with patients who may be concerned that this condition is responsible for a variety of problems.

TMJ/TMD explained

TMD, which is short for temporomandibular disorder, can often result in a number of symptoms that may indicate the problem is present. TMD is often noted when patients experience:
  • Soreness around the jaw joint
  • Discomfort from the shoulders up
  • Chronic headaches and migraines
  • Clicking and popping of the jaw joint
  • Muscle tension around the jaws and ears
  • Locking of the jaw in the closed or open position

Individuals with these concerns need to see their dentist for an evaluation to determine if TMD is present and get a proper diagnosis before moving forward with treatment options.

Treatment for TMD

In most cases, patients who visit Downtown Dental with Dr. Don Mungcal are introduced to a treatment option known as oral appliance therapy. Oral appliance therapy is a popular choice as it is non-invasive and easy to use. Patients who have been diagnosed with this condition can speak to our dentist about having impressions done to create a special mouth guard used at night or during the day to reduce tension and realign the jaw so that the problems subside, sometimes entirely. This mouth guard fits perfectly into the mouth and while it aligns the jaw, it also protects the natural teeth from any damage that may be caused. Some patients with TMD have coexisting conditions such as bruxism which causes clenching and grinding. This can impact the natural teeth, as well as restorations such as crowns and veneers, making it expensive and difficult to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. During the initial evaluation with Dr. Don Mungcal, patients can ask about oral appliance therapy as a solution.

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Is oral appliance therapy for everyone?

With the use of oral appliance therapy, many dentists find that this first line of defense is effective in treating mild to moderate cases of TMJ and TMD. However, if the condition is more severe, patients may require jaw surgery. In some situations, this is the only way to relieve the issue at hand when solutions such as oral appliance therapy are not effective in treatment. Few of our patients need to go down this road, but it is something that may be considered when alternative options are not providing the results patients expect.

Who is a candidate for oral appliance therapy?

Any patient who has TMD is encouraged to ask about this treatment as an effective way of addressing their condition. In addition, patients with conditions like bruxism may also find this to be a wonderful solution to protecting the teeth from damage. Oral appliance therapy has been a desirable way of addressing many different dental concerns and continues to be an easy, non-invasive solution that patients can afford.

Is oral appliance therapy covered by dental insurance?

Speak to the team of Downtown Dental about treatment for TMD
All dental insurance plans are different, so we encourage patients to bring their dental insurance cards with them to our practice when they arrive, so our front office staff can determine the available benefits and coverage.

Speak to the team of Downtown Dental about treatment for TMD

TMD can negatively impact one’s every day quality of life. We encourage Los Angeles, CA area patients who have been diagnosed with the condition to contact our practice and learn about the advantages of using oral appliance therapy as a tool to reduce symptoms and improve day-to-day functionality of the smile. Call Dr. Don Mungcal at ((213) 863-9464 today to schedule your appointment at 255 South Grand Avenue, Suite 204 and start learning about how to take action against this troublesome condition.

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"I am a legit Patient at this practice. The Doctor is amazing - educated, skilled and patient. Allison, my Dental Hygienist, is really friendly, knowledgeable and proactive about her patients' oral health. In my experience, the office staff at Downtown Dental is always professional, friendly, and thoughtful about my time. Plus, they offer reasonable financing! If you're honest about your budget (for people like me who don't have dental insurance), they can often work with you to stay within budget. I also learned that they use the best equipment in their field and staff gets training often on new dental techniques. If you are someone who works, resides or likes to visit Downtown - this is an especially excellent place to see the dentist periodically.

Downtown Dental is a fantastic Dental practice in the heart of the city. They are located near LA's Cultural hub of museums, concert halls and the like (The Broad, MOCA + more ). But don't let all that (magic) discourage you from making your appointment, because traffic is usually very smooth on Grand and getting in and out of their secure and validated parking lot (in their building) is a breeze. They also have 2 e-car charging stations if that's how you roll. If you work in DTLA, like many, you can even get a lunchtime cleaning!

Sidebar: The office is located inside a gorgeous apartment building, full of high end furnishings, accentuated with stunning street art. You may have even passed by & seen the Subway flags at street level- the dental office is right upstairs. It's worth a try, especially if you want great oral health, love art, culture and the city!"
"Still the best I've ever been to! The entire staff is more than knowledgeable & helpful!

Don't waste your time going to other places, this dentist & his team are your best bet!

They are courteous, flexible, and above all: PROFESSIONAL."
"What an amazing staff and dental team!!

I had four front crowns and 2 root canals done all in about 3 hours! It was pain free! Dr Mungcal was fast and I didn't feel a thing! People compliment my teeth all the time! ...Little do they know they're fake! Very grateful!!! I am in Invisalign now and love how it stopped me from clenching and grinding my teeth! My teeth and gums are healthy because of all the amazing dental work they have done and continue to do!! Oh ...And they offered nitrous which made the whole experience awesome! Go here if you want dental work done right!!"
"Downtown dental made my cavity experience as painless as possible, and the technology they use is so up to date and accurate.

The staff are also very friendly and know the best habits for having a healthy mouth.
So glad I started going here!"
"Absolutely the best dental office! In all reality I used to hate going to the dentist I would cancel my appointments at my old Drs office all the time !! But the Hygienists and the staff in general are so welcoming and make you wanna keep coming back. They are always ready to deliver and Allison did an amazing job on my teeth cleaning thank you for that"
"This review is long overdue. I've been a patient at downtown dental since 2005 and have had nothing but positive experiences. I've had quite a bit of dental work and when I had a cracked crown recently, they scheduled me the next day and replaced it at no charge. They would have scheduled me that day but sadly, I'm no longer a patient as I've moved to NorCal. I felt like they really went out of the way to accommodate me and I appreciate that! Thanks guys!!"
"Great practice, the doctors and assistants are very professional, helpful and pleasant. They make dental appointments almost enjoyable...not something I thought possible!

Katie the hygienist is not only gentle, professional and very professional but also inspiring. She makes you want to have the best gums in Los Angeles.

Thank you guys!"
"The team at Downtown Dental are the best! They have done both an implant and Invisalign for me. They keep me informed about all the steps and always get me in and out quickly! I love that they can do everything right in their own offices too."
"My story is: I chipped a took eating cereal! Who does that!?! (The cereal was crunchy I'll admit). I went to Downtown Dental and Dr. Mungcal evaluated my situation and realized my bite needed to be adjusted. I grind my teeth at night also so the combination of it all was wearing my teeth down. He recommended invisalign to align my bite. I was hesitant because it's pricey was SO WORTH IT!!! 8 months later, my bite is fixed and aligned and my teeth are straighter which is a bonus! I am only 34 and I want to keep my teeth healthy and strong for a long time! Dr. Mungcal and the entire staff are amazing and took GREAT care of me. You can rest assured you will be taken care of by them!"
"Came to downtown dental with my husband for his first dental implant. He was very nervous on getting this procedure done.. From his experience he said the staff were super friendly made him feel very welcomed..the dentist made his procedure quick and painless my husband didn't even need his medication for the swelling or pain ... Highly recommend... We Will be coming here from now on for our dental needs."

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