Downtown Dental is proud to announce that we were invited to the Downtowners of Distinction Awards 2017! For those of you who do not know what the Downtowners of Distinctions Awards is: it is an awards program that honors notable projects from among the sixteen enterprising districts that drive Downtown’s economic engine. The purpose is to bring all successful businesses in Downtown Los Angeles to recognize the brains and designers behind these amazing new buildings popping up on every street in the area. Not only was the recognition given to corporate building architects, but for restaurants, residential buildings, and even government buildings! The Awards Ceremony took place at the Los Angeles Athletic Club’s uppermost 3rd floor where crystal chandeliers and wood podiums illuminated the room. Downtown News was the co-host alongside the Athletic Club hosting this important gathering. Politicians and district representatives showed up to support Los Angeles’ upcoming projects that are being established in the greater Los Angeles area. Council member Jose Huizar said a few words of congratulation to the hard working architects, planners, designers, and workers of these huge projects that are making and changing Los Angeles’ community. Downtown Dental was considered one of the many successful companies amongst those present and invited.

We encourage you to participate in the next community event we decide to go to, which is “the Heart of the City” 5th Annual 5k Run on March 25th, 2017 Saturday at 8:00 am! Stop by and say hello!
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