Periodontal disease treatments like scaling and root planing improve oral health of Los Angeles residents

A Variety Of Effective Periodontal Disease Treatments Available Near Me In Los Angeles, CA

Your gums may be trying to tell you something. If you’re smart, you’ll listen.

Gum disease is one of the most common, yet overlooked, dental dangers that Americans face. Left unattended, it may develop into a serious condition called periodontitis. Severe gum disease not only affects your dental health. In addition to contributing to tooth loss, periodontitis has been linked to illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and dementia.

A variety of effective periodontal disease treatments are available right here in Los Angeles from Dr. Don Mungcal and his highly trained staff at Downtown Dental. One of them is scaling and root planing.

Here’s why you may need scaling and root planing

When you eat, you’re at risk for gum disease. Leftover food particles combine with saliva to form a soft, sticky film on your teeth. This is called plaque, and it can harbor millions of bacteria. If you’re diligent about brushing and flossing, and if you make appointments for regular dental cleanings to remove the plaque that a toothbrush can’t budge, you may stave off the tooth decay and gum disease plaque can cause.

But if you don’t make oral hygiene a priority, the bacteria in plaque can inflame your gums. Your gums may begin sending you subtle messages that you need to pay more attention to them. They may become red and swollen, or bleed when you brush your teeth. These are symptoms of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. If caught in the early stages, gingivitis can usually be reversed. If ignored, it can progress to moderate periodontitis, a condition in which the inflammation causes the gum to pull away from the teeth and create a pocket that becomes an even bigger breeding ground for bacteria. Advanced periodontitis affects the roots of your teeth and the bone that holds your teeth in place. This leads to shifting, loosening teeth, and eventually tooth loss.

Once you’ve moved beyond gingivitis, you will need a deeper, more thorough cleaning. Plaque that is not removed by brushing and flossing and routine dental cleanings can harden into a rough substance called tartar. Tartar adheres to the enamel of your teeth and invades the area below the gum line. Toxins released by tartar break down the fibers of the gum that hold your teeth firmly in place, creating the pockets mentioned earlier. The damage from the proliferation of bacteria is what leads to tooth loss.

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At this point, your dentist may suggest a deeper dental cleaning, known as scaling and root planing.

A heavy-duty plaque attack

Think of scaling and root planing as a regular dental cleaning on steroids. The treatment is considered a first-line tactic for controlling periodontitis.

Here’s what to expect before, during, and after the procedure:

  • A hygienist or periodontist will evaluate your plaque build-up.
  • Using an instrument called a periodontal probe, he or she will measure the depth of the space between your teeth and gums. A normal depth is 3 millimeters or less. If yours is greater than that, you’re likely going to need deep cleaning.
  • Numbing gel or an anesthetic injection will be given to you to prevent possible discomfort during the procedure.
  • Using an instrument called a small scaler, an ultrasonic cleaner, or both, the tartar will be thoroughly removed down to the bottom of each periodontal pocket.
  • Next, the root surfaces are planed, or smoothed out, so that plaque is less likely to stick to them.
  • Antibiotics and other medications may be administered directly into the pockets to help control infection and pain and promote healing.
  • If your tartar build-up is severe, you may be scheduled for two appointments.
  • Expect to experience some bleeding for the first few days after scaling.
  • Be sure to keep regular follow-up visits to be certain the depth of the pockets is back to normal.
  • Make a solid commitment to caring for your teeth at home. Ask Dr. Mungcal for pointers on brushing and flossing techniques and talk to him about the Perio Protect Method® you can use at home to help prevent gum disease.

If you think your gums are trying to tell you something, don’t want until they’re screaming. Call Dr. Don Mungcal today at Downtown Dental, 213-863-9464, and request a regular checkup and gum evaluation

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I actually owe a debt to Downtown Dental because they caught my oral cancer. I went to them because I had a bump on my tongue and thankfully they ordered a biopsy immediately (same day). The staff has been wonderful to me (even sending me a get well card during my cancer treatment). They do great work - the crowns are made in the office to save you time - and they are very upfront on pricing. You know exactly what you will pay. They are also very flexible on appointments. And they validate parking! They also have taken COVID precautions very seriously. Very professional and well-organized. Highly recommend them.
The staff here on its own deserves the five stars. Everyone is so friendly and take there time to get to know you as a patient. There very easy to work with on what’s best for you in the long run with insurance and dental care. On top of them making you feel comfortable, you can tell that they actually care about you and your dental health. The parking is also super easy and they validate so you don’t have to pay. I’d highly recommend coming here!
I am so glad I came to Downtown Dental. From the moment I walked into the office I was met with a smile and a warm welcome. During my first visit, a dental plan was made for me and they got to work right away. I have never experienced such attention to detail and such excellent customer service at a dental office. During my root canal procedure and fillings everyone was extremely helpful and constantly making sure I was comfortable. Since then, I am encouraging everyone to check out Downtown Dental, they really are amazing.
Best experience I have ever had in 40 plus years of Dentist visits. Crazy friendly people, every last one of them. Such a pleasant experience. If you need a Dentist this is the place to go. The Doctor is awesome as well.
This place has been my dentist my whole life and I won't consider going anywhere else. Everyone is nice and accommodating and the doctor knows his stuff. I just had pinhole gum rejuvenation surgery and the results are awesome. The staff really looks out for your best interest and the doctor will assure you have a great smile...pain free too..
If your looking for a Dental office that does good quality and precise work . With care and a gentle touch . then Downtown Dental is the place for you ! I got an extraction here and they made me feel comfortable and always checked to see how I was feeling and doing ! Dr. Mungcal is easily one of the best dentist in LA.
Most updated equipment ive ever seen in a dental office, pain less wisdom teeth extraction and comfortable throughout the entire process. Dr.Mungcal, Lali and the entire staff make a great team!! Thank you Downtown Dental!!
Amazing staff, efficient, professional, and all around incredible! We love the technology they have right in their office making our appointments time effective. Dr. Mungcal and his crew are amazing!
The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. My experience here is always great! Couldn't be happier
I have been going to downtown dental for years and I just can't recommend them enough. Priyam and Sussie are extra amazing, as is the entire team there!
Absolutely amazing experience at Downtown Dental! The staff is so kind and really welcome you in. Overall the dental care has been incredible and I highly, highly recommend coming here for any dental need.

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